About us

Who we are

We are a Swiss company with a team of six who specialize in digital processes in logistics and warehouse management. We are doers with a strategic mindset.
Motivated every day to optimize processes and support companies and their employees in the work process. We want to make the working world easier and help companies to be even more successful.

Fasolit. The best step to digital warehouse management.

We lead you into the digital future and help you to increase your productivity in the entire warehouse management.

What we do

We support various companies to successfully implement their digitalization projects. We have been employed for years in small, medium-sized and large companies that optimized warehouses and logistics processes in order to remain on the road to success in the wave of digitization.
Based on this experience, we developed the Fasolit warehouse management app. It fits every company size and every budget.

Fasolit - warehouse management made easy

Order, transparency, optimal warehouse usage and real-time management.
Switch to Fasolit now and connect the app directly to your ERP.