Fasolit rocks your warehouse management

Gone are the days with expensive barcode scanners, inefficiently used storage space, cumbersome set-up routes and time-consuming inventory. Fasolit manages everything on the smartphone and even helps to control sales and other promotions.

Functions Overview

Stock Entry

Incoming goods are automatically recorded in the system using a smartphone scan. Depending on the product setting, including batch number and date. If the incoming goods are linked to the orders, under or over-deliveries are immediately recognized and forwarded. This enables purchasing to quickly and efficiently create supplier evaluations and take any necessary measures.


For all stocks, the storage location and the product are displayed for each batch. All other functions can also be selected directly from the inventory and the corresponding activities implemented. Inventory, stock transfer, goods issue, etc.

Stock relocation

Relocation can be carried out easily and directly on site. It does not matter whether it is a single-level (storage location to storage location) or multi-level (storage location - pallets / trolley - storage location) transfer. For further optimization or for resource reasons, individual storage locations can also be declared as picking locations. If a carton is moved here, it is automatically broken down into the individual products


This function ensures straightforward, precise and, above all, fast and clear conditions. Regardless of whether a key date inventory is planned or a rolling inventory is made

Stock Exit

Removal from the warehouse for internal or external purposes is easy and is fully documented thanks to the connection to the ERP.


Orders from the ERP are automatically synchronized with the app and can be picked immediately. Thanks to continuous digitization, mountains of paper are no longer necessary. Everything is controlled with the app. Even the fastest way is shown and a clever batch optimization ensures that older products are removed first. In addition, all goods withdrawals and short picks are recorded

On the top and included in the price

Indispensable for some, and add-ons for others, which make everyday life and warehouse management even easier. Batch , best-before management and the optimization of picking routes.

Protect nerves and trees

With Fasolit you can travel paperless and protect trees. Setup notes are always available online and can be viewed. If your smartphone is broken, the app can be installed on a new one very quickly. You pick up right where you left off. Seamlessly and in real time.

Fasolit is the answer to efficient and digital warehouse management.

Unique in every way.
Easy to implement and use, clear structure, afordable and advantageous for warehouse use.

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