Every now and then we are asked a question. Perhaps you too have an open question and you will find the answer on this page.

Got questions?

1. Is there a Fasolit app for smartphones?

To keep hardware costs low, the mobile app runs on Android.

2. For which industries does Fasolit work best?

Our happy customers come from industries including: Fashion and apparel, cosmetics, food and beverage, jewelry ,furniture and many more!

3. Can I connect Fasolit to my eCommerce platforms?

Yes, we are continuously expanding the interface to the most popular eShop systems. Please send inquiries to [email protected]

4. Does Fasolit customer service provide technical support?

Yes. We want to help our customers thrive and grow their business. That’s why we offer free technical support and advice to all of our trial and paid users.

5. How safe is my Data?

Data is transmitted in encrypted form and stored with a Swiss hosting partner.

6. What is the advantage of using an Fasolit app?

Mobile data acquisition via barcode scanners and an easy-to-use app can accelerate your logistics and warehouse processes enormously. Data no longer has to be temporarily written on slips of paper, but can be entered into the system directly on site. There are no unnecessary walking routes

7. Where can I register?

Great – You can create a free test account on this page.

8. How can I cancel Fasolit?

The notice period is 14 days to the end of the subscription. With a monthly plan you can cancel on a monthly basis, with an annual plan at the end of the annual subscription. Please send the cancellation to [email protected] Without cancellation, the subscription is automatically extended by the booked term.

9. How user friendly is Fasolit?

Our system is intuitive and does not require any technical training. Our simple dashboard allows you to manage all of your business transactions from one place.

10. What should I do during the trial?

The free trial is a commitment-free time period to explore Fasolit. If you need help during your trial period, feel free to reach out to [email protected]

11. What happens after the test phase?

The free trial ends automatically. There are no costs for you. You will receive a reminder email shortly before it expires. If you want to continue using Fasolit, simply choose one of the three subscription options and you can start working with Fasolit immediately. The data of the test account will be automatically and irrevocably deleted 14 days after the end of the test phase.

12. Do you need my credit card details during the free trial?

For the test phase you only need a few details about your company and contact details, after which you can start with the evaluation.

13. What payment options are there?

The fees for your subscription are collected monthly via credit card . Annual subscriptions are billed once a year in advance.

14. Can I get a discount?

Yes! Choose annual billing and receive up to 20% discount on our monthly prices. For example, if you opt for annual billing in our Professional plan, you pay CHF 44 for each month. If you opt for monthly billing, you pay CHF 55 per month. In this case you will save 132 CHF per year!

We are Fasolit

Fasolit is the name of our software. We combine industry knowledge in logistics with IT and usability expert knowledge.Contact us today 

Fasolit is warehouse management software that has proven itself in practice for more efficiency and lower costs.