Warehouse management
on the smartphone

Creating order in the warehouse and automating the processes can be so easy. We'll show you how. With the Fasolit warehouse management app you have your warehouse always under control . With unique functions and, above all, cheap and digital.

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Includes everything a modern warehouse management needs

Let the app work for you. Benefit from high levels of automation and low costs

Affordable, fast and always at hand.

Fasolit fits your budget, is fast and runs on every Android smartphone. Expensive barcode readers are a thing of the past. In addition: Updates and support are included.

Offline mode/Online mode. Automatically syncs.

An intelligent synchronization process ensures that the data on the mobile is always up to date. So you always have access to upto date data

Operates in each system and industry

Fasolit helps integrate into ERP, accounting and eCommerce systems as well as transport software

Exceptions are also taken into account.

Deliveries can be recorded directly in Fasolit, even if they have not yet been entered in the ERP. Deviations are visualized in the ERP

Data access via the mobile and web app

Thanks to the Mobile & Web App, you can access Fasolit at any time and from every place. This gives you more flexibility and you can access inventory from anywhere.

Use the Fasolit Web&App in few minutes without training.

Fasolit is so easy and intuitive to use that employees can use it rapidly. Even the fastest and most efficient way in the process is given.

Clear and simple process management for all functions

All Fasolit functions are structured in such a way that they are self-explanatory and that every employee can work with them rapidly.

There's an option for every budget. Select the one that suits you.

Simple, flexible and at a guaranteed fixed price.

Pricing plans and options

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Product best date management
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2 Users
2000 Articles included
Stock Entry and Exit
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Stock relocation
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Product lot Management
Product best date management
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4000 Articles included
Stock Entry and Exit
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Product lot Management
Product best date management
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Thats what our customers say

We optimize your logistics processes. Numerous companies from various industries trust in Fasolit

Alexander Quiblier

CEO, Milerb AG

The simple and clear operation on the mobile phone completely fulfils our warehouse management requirements. We are excited and congratulate the FortunIT team.
The overwhelming advantage over other providers is their low cost and quality. We access our inventory from multiple mobile devices, and it works perfectly. The app is absolutely reliable and easy to personalize.

Raymond Turner

Store Manager

Bruce Sutton

Marketing Expert

With Fasolit Inventory, warehouse managers can intelligently manage their warehouse and maximize their storage efficiency by keeping their inventory levels as low as possible while preventing bottlenecks.
With the Fasolit App we can manage stocks, goods and orders in real time.

Pete Hugh

Managing Director

Quick overview

The technology

Java-based app and object-oriented database that runs completely in memory and ensures maximum performance and scalability.

Cloud solution in Swiss data center with high security measures. (OnPremise solution is also available).

The data is synchronized with the smartphone so that the process can continue even in case of network interruptions. The app is available on- and offline at any time.

Communication between the app and server is encrypted and doubly secured.
Integrated smart barcode reading software replaces expensive scanners.

User-oriented authorization scheme
Easily integrates with any system that has an API interface or database access.


Very fast access to all data. Also offline.

Warehouse, picking locations or store locations; everything can be mapped with the app.

Integrated batch and best-before management.

Traceability is guaranteed at all times.

All inventories, goods receipts, goods issues and direct orders can be processed, prepared and shipped in real time.

The app helps to optimize picking routes and warehouse space utilization.

Best possible utilization of warehouse logistics through optimized material flow control.

Every employee masters the app in no time. It is simple, fast, secure and absolutely reliable.





Easy interface

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